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Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # is the only place online where you can earn significant affiliate commissions buy finding and refering buyers of good domains. It is like Clickbank for Flippa people. Make hue affiliate commissions by hitting the promote button next to some good domain names today

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # – Many people refer to domains as virtual real estate. Because of that, domain flipping is quickly becoming as popular and profitable as house flipping. The only problem with domains is that online, people think that they can do everything quicker. Virtual real estate takes time just like physical real estate does. Follow these tips to maximize your profits in domain and site flipping. 1. Patience is key in practically anything and everything you do in life. Things can’t be rushed- especially important things. If you want to flip a domain to receive the most money out of it as possible, you need to be patient and allow the domain to age. People don’t like to buy domains that are new web. Newly registered domains don’t have any traces in search engines which is the main reason buyers avoid registering their own domains. They want to buy from someone who’s already given the domain a little reputation. 2. Don’t leave the website sitting. Even if you don’t feel like making content or putting up a website script, the worst thing you could do it allow your domain registrar to rake in all the profits from the domain parking. At least park your domain under your own account to get the few dollars that it generates. 3. Another way to maximize your profits in domain flipping is to put up a website script or content page. Adding website content to your domain not only gets it indexed in search engines, but it also sends a little traffic. You could even charge extra

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # – Doing business online is more or less the same with actual business in the community. When you have been working as a real estate broker, you might want to try your business skills in the virtual world even with a lower capital. The concept of buy and sell is the same idea behind domain flipping. All you need to do is to look for domain names with good content, buy it and sell it in a much higher price. In this way, you can earn money online. You have a higher advantage in domain flipping as it requires minimal efforts and sometimes, would not even require you to “renovate” or enhance it to increase its likelihood to be picked by the next buyer. This sounds surely interesting, right? First, you should study your market target and research on possible domain names that sell. You can make use of online search engines and online directories as to the kind of products that viewers visit. You may use keywords in your search or simply open sites or blogs that are ranked in a search engine. Also, brainstorm for possible names that consumers would look for. Find out how much a site costs and think if the price is worth it. Sites with good content and have existing articles would necessarily mean that hard work, time and money have invested already in the web owner’s part, thus, may cost slightly higher from other sites. You should investigate further if these articles are optimized and contain keywords and hyperlinks as these will surely attract prospect buyers

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