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Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # – And even for a while it appeared as if anybody could flip a home and create huge profits – the possibilities were endless. I have a few colleagues who bought houses to flip, all using interest loans. This concept worked really well if the house was big in value, but if your home was about to devaluate, you would comprise yourself. Well, what if I told you that you can own real estate, in a great location, surrounded with good neighbors, for close to 10 bucks a year? You would probably say to me that if this were the reality, everybody would be purchasing real estate, correct? Incorrect. Allow me to explain. We are used to think of Real Estate like a tangible piece of ground with a home on top of it. And although there is no debating that this is the basic conception of Real Estate, I visualize things a little differently. I visualize Real Estate as a domain name, your own parcel of land on the Internet – free to do with it as you wish. With domains, unlike Real State, you do not require the city planning board to approve every move you do, this parcel is yours and you write the rules for it. This is how domain flipping works and how you can take advantage of it. In the digital universe, it is not rare to watch a domain sell for $10000, $50000 or $100000 dollars, it is business as usual. Since the Dot Com roaring has evened out, the domain flipping boom has taken over. There are a lot of investors over the web paying top buck for a domain name that may take their

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # – Are you just getting into the lucrative market of flipping domains for profit? If you are you will want to read this. Selling an information product on how to buy and sell expired domains for quick profit could be profitable for you but you need to know what this entails first before you create your information product. Domain flipping Domain flipping, ie. the process of locating, purchasing and reselling expired domain names can be easy but it can also be a financial disaster if you don’t know a few very important facts. I started in the domain flipping business out of curiosity – I just wanted to see if it was as easy as people involved claimed it was. My conclusion is this. It is easy to get started and easy to make profit. Its even easier selling info products on it (audios, videos etc) There’s nothing technical about it and if you have about $100 you can get started (you can start for less as well). Now to the big issue which may seem pretty obvious: Not all expired domains are profitable On occasion, an apparently attractive, high-keyword-related domain name may purposely be given up by the former owner. The first question is why someone would ever do this. It’s potentially because the domain name may have been tagged by key major search engines as being a “SPAM site.” When you buy this kind of expired domain name you inherit the problem straight away. It’s happened to me more than once before I got wise, so I know what I’m talking about. If you

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