Watch the full video: www.domainsherpa.com Elliot Silver owns two companies and a lot of businesses, but he makes a majority of his revenue through domain name flipping. He constantly thinks of domain names to purchase and – when he decides he wants one – will almost always make an offer in his initial contact. In this candid interview, Elliot shares a tremendous amount of information: * How he discovers domains for purchase * How he values domains * Whether he “churns and burns” or tries to sell to an end-user * How he finds end-users to contact * How many domain name sales he focuses on at one time * Why he uses both a written contract and escrow * One $2450 domain name investment gone bad and what he learned And Elliot loves receiving reply emails from MAILER-DAEMON. Why? Opportunity. Listen to this interview to learn more.

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jumpjet.org – What are domains? – Also known as websites, domains are simply registered space online which can contain information or virtually anything you can think of, from videos, to games etc. In the real world, it would be best compared to actual buildings. For instance, your house has an address, and it’s registered for that space. Likewise, there is space on the internet, known as an IP address, and each domain name is registered with these IP addresses. Now, you can acquire a domain by purchasing a new one or already existing domain. New domains are roughly 10$ or less, and once you purchase it you have the rights to it for a year, unless you want to pay to have it for longer. Already existing domains may cost more, especially if they already have content (information, or other related things on them to drive traffic and visitors to the website). Flipping a website – If you want to make money from a website, it can take a lot of time to build one and do all of that work, which is why most website flippers will buy a domain which is already established. By established, I mean it contains good content, useful resources and other things which make people want to go there and buy things. But why would you want to buy a website which already has content? Well, all you have to do then is make it even better than it was when you purchased it, and then you can resell it at a higher price. How do I make a website better? – If you want to make a website better, you can

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www.jumpjet.org – There seems to be no let up at all with domain flipping because it is as popular now as it has ever been. There is not a lot to learn with flipping domains, and that could be one of the reasons so many people want to get involved with it. While there is some information you want to know about before buying a domain, that knowledge is really not hard to find or learn. If you put the following domain flipping tips into action, who knows what kind of domain gold you can find. 1) The concept of the ‘best domain’ can be subjective, and it all depends on your particular strategy once you acquire them. How you approach your own evaluation for any domain name is a learnable skill you must do. You should train yourself in such a way that a good domain name shouldn’t escape your eyes when it’s available. If you are new to this, then one good idea is to visit popular domain auctions, GoDaddy has a lot of domains for auctions, and then you can just check them out. 2) When you register a new domain name or buy an old one, avoid those that have hyphens. This is because you want the search engines to treat your domain names well. Google does recognize names with hyphens but it won’t give them the weight of a name without a hyphen. So, if you want to make sure the names you register are optimized correctly for the search engines, you should make sure that you do not hyphenate them. 3) Make sure you are fully equipped with accounts on all of the best registrars. GoDaddy

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Domain names are the names that are used to identify web sites. Some well known examples include yahoo.com, google.com, slashdot.org, and hotmail.com. There are basically main two ways in which a person or company can acquire a domain name:-

1. The first way is by registering a previously unregistered domain name with a domain registrar.  In this case, domain names are generally sold on a first come, first served basis – a domain remains with the registrant until either the registrant either fails to pay the annual renewal fees to keep the domain, or until the registrant transfers the name to somebody else.

2. The second way is to get an existing domain owner to transfer, usually by selling, their domain name to them. This is known as “domain trading”.

Today, there is quite a considerable amount of activity going on in the domain trading industry (known as the “domain aftermarket”). It is also true that some people have made considerable amounts of money in this marketplace by flipping domains, that is to say acquiring the names cheaply and reselling them for a higher price.

Of course not everybody who tries to enter the domain aftermarket will make a profit. For example, if you were to register a lot of domain names with the intention of selling them on, but then fail to find any buyers, you would be out of pocket for all the domain registration fees. In short, success in this business, just like any other, requires knowledge and expertise, including an awareness of what your potential customers are looking for, and how to best reach them. Some of this you will have to learn along the way, but you should look out for opportunities to learn from others with previous experience in the domaining industry – if you get the chance to talk to experienced domainers, you should of course take it, and you might also want to consider reading guides such as “How I Sell My Domains” by Edwin John, or “Domain Cash Vault” by Brian Pubrat.

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Domain name flipping means that you buy a domain name and sell it for more money. You won´t make much profit doing this. If you want to take this to the next level, then website flipping is an option to consider. This can be a long process but can make you a lot of money.

Okay, the basic idea is: search for a topic that does well on the internet and make a website about it. Once you have a successful website, you sell it. You can do this in 2 ways:

<b>First Way:</b> Start from scratch by buying a domain name, hosting, build the website and get traffic. This will require some time, because you have to wait for your website to be index on the search engines so that you can get more traffic from there.

The main idea is to make a website that has potential to make a lot of money and get a considerable amount of traffic. You can put Adsence ads or affiliate links on it.

<b>Second Way:</b> This way is easier but requires more research. You have to find a website that is getting a considerable amount of traffic. Do some keywords research, find some popular keywords and search in the search engines. If you can find a website with good potential then make an offer to the owner. This gives you the chance to develop the website and build consistent traffic.

After some months, your website should be making some money everyday and have a good amount of traffic. Their are many places on the internet that allow you to put your website for sale. The amount of money you get for it, depends on how much money you are making with the website and how much visitors you have. This can go form a few hundred dollars up to some thousand dollars.
And that´s just 1 website.

With time and experience you can make several websites and start selling them. This can make you a lot of money. But remember that it takes some time to build a successful website, so do not rush it.

The Honest Way

A lot of money can be made on the internet. It’s not hard once you know how things work. Obviously, you’ll need a sound program to follow. If you are serious about changing your life on the internet, go to my website http://www.work-at-home-elite.com

You will learn everything through step-by-step videos.

Any questions, or for more information contact me through email: jfabiovdjesus@hotmail.com

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