Internet Domain -Domain Name Auction Everywhere in the world, thousands of great domain names are expiring, and since thousands of domain name holders did not renew their expired domain names, thousands of people are also bidding for such terrific domain names. With this fact, the concept for domain name auction was born. In the domain name auction, those domain name holders who have not paid their registration fee or did not renew their domain names could find their corner of the internet, their domain names in general, being sold off to the highest bidder. Well, this is how domain name auction works. Numerous research studies about the domain name auction process have considered that many companies today are catering to domain name auctions for the reason that they wanted to gain some benefits from those expired domain names or for those domain names that are not paid. So today, many domain name registrars have told the domain name holders to pay the renewal or registration fees for the reason that they have only a few days left to hand over the cash. And the concept of domain name auction came out when the money is not forthcoming. With this domain name auction, thousands of people are expected to come under the hammer. The domain name auction also surfaced due to the fact that there are some domain name companies who do not settle their debts. With such situation they were forced into a domain name auction for their own name. Since the domain name auction greatly involved

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # Flippers, or domainers, have become a big force in the internet marketplace. Through domain flipping, they have earned millions of dollars for doing what some of them describe as ‘no work’. Since the mid-90s there has been a burgeoning market for domain names, or URLs. Revenues from the ownership and sale of high-value domain names have meant profits of hundreds of millions of dollars for the most successful prospectors. The basic idea of domain flipping is the usual capitalist philosophy of buying low and selling high. This works in much the same way as the stock market. Unlike many of the get-rich-quick schemes that circulate around the internet, domain flipping has provided, and continues to provide, a large income stream to many of the players in the industry. Because of the nature of domain names, with their short registration period and easy transferability, the market is also always open to new entrants. In the early days of the World Wide Web in its current incarnation, things were a lot less complicated than they are now. The only money that could really be made from domain names was from purchasing them in the hope that someone would eventually decide that they wanted yours so badly that they would pay large sums of money for them. This meant that the most obvious names to buy were those that were either ubiquitous products or the trademarks of established companies. While this worked for many people, changes in legislation meant that registering

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Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # (mirror Dear Reader, As of today, November 01st, 2008, Domain Name Flipping is one of the best methods available, if you would like to make money in the internet with your own home based business. EXPERT ECOURSES WILL SKYROCKET YOUR LEARNING CURVE. For getting the knowledge how to make money with Domain Name Flipping, http (mirror: provides Professional Ecourses that will kickstart your knowledge about the Domain Name Flipping Business. Very luckily, Domain Name Flipping Experts were taken their valuable time off in order to show you the current Methods how to succeed with Domain Name Flipping. DOMAINCASH.CO.CC EXPERT ECOURSES WILL TAKE YOU BY THE HAND TO SHOW YOU ALL THE STEPS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED. Basically, you buy a domain name for few money, a .com-domain costs about usd 8.00, then you apply the methods which the experts will teach you. The chances, that you will get at least your original usd 8.00 investment back when you try to sell your domain should be nearly 100 %, meaning that your risk should be extremely low. Often, it should be possible to get much more back, for example usd 1000.00. Some domains sell for still even more, eg. usd 10000.00. It is a little similar to a lottery – with the exception that you (nearly) can�t loose. If this is not good enough, please post a comment why not.

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