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Watch the full video: Elliot Silver owns two companies and a lot of businesses, but he makes a majority of his revenue through domain name flipping. He constantly thinks of domain names to purchase and – when he decides he wants one – will almost always make an offer in his initial contact. In this candid interview, Elliot shares a tremendous amount of information: * How he discovers domains for purchase * How he values domains * Whether he “churns and burns” or tries to sell to an end-user * How he finds end-users to contact * How many domain name sales he focuses on at one time * Why he uses both a written contract and escrow * One $2450 domain name investment gone bad and what he learned And Elliot loves receiving reply emails from MAILER-DAEMON. Why? Opportunity. Listen to this interview to learn more.

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # You get 366 Products with Resell Rights PLUS a Sales Website for each one. Add these to the domain names before you sell them and increase your profit!!

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Click this link: for the latest information on Rank Flippr. It hasn’t been launched yet, but once it does, it will be the biggest thing on the internet! Hello, my name is Jesse Singh and I recently came across this money making opportunity a few days ago and I want to share my opinion of this product. It is called Rank Flippr. First, I would like to explain what Rank Flippr is all about and give you more information about the people who run it. What Is RankFlippr? RankFlippr is a deleted domain auction site and a complete training course that teaches you exactly how you can use the power of a deleted domain to rank your own website or the newly deleted domain on the first page of Google. This can all be done very quickly. Deleted domains on Rank Flippr have some of the most influential backlinks in the world joined to them, such as backlinks from sites like & These are essentially neglected domains and are simply revived to use their already established power in order to get top rankings. How do you buy these deleted domains on Rank Flippr? You simply just bid on any of the auctions listed. Most of the time, you can get old deleted domain names that have a ton of authoritative backlinks for dirt cheap. For example, was bought for $50 on Rank Flippr and was sold on another auction site for over $3000. This is a real case study with proof! Now the person who purchased bought the domain and brought it

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # A Virtual Real Estate Empire is easily attained with proper planning and execution. Virtual Real Estate is similiar to conventional real estate, in that you can buy and sell domain names and websites, you can build websites for sales, and you can even ‘rent out space’ on web-sites for monthly profits. Visit http to discover ways to start building your Virtual Real Esate Empire.

Filed under Domain Names for Sale by on # Site Flipping Cash “Grab Your Piece Of The Profitable Virtual Real Estate Market And Start Making Money Today!” Dear Potential Website Flipper, Missed out on the domain game? Join the club.. Most of us weren’t savvy enough to have purchased some of the high valued domain names previously available at regular registration prices. In fact, many of us weren’t even online at the time when three letter domains were easy to get, or when sites like Ebaywere still in their infancy. If only we could rewind the hands of time, huh? Thankfully, there is still an industry that is unsaturated and just as profitable as domaining.. The virtual real estate trade… Within the site flipping community, you can develop simple websites or more established ones and sell them to hungry buyers quickly and easily. Better yet, you decide on the topics that you focus on and how much or little you develop it before you cash in at hundred, even thousands of dollars a shot. “It’s One Of The Internet’s Best Kept Secrets For Instant Cash With Very Little Effort..” I’ve been flipping websites for many years now, starting back on Ebay where it wasn’t uncommon to flip a start up website for $500 a pop.. a site that only took an hour to create. These days, the opportunity to make an absolute fortune in website flipping has intensified… In fact, there are dozens of high profit marketplaces full of eager buyers just waiting to snag any website in any niche market that you put up for sale! It

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